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Chronic Strain Review

Chronic is more than a slang catch-all term for cannabis, it’s also the name of a specific strain. Chronic is a balanced hybrid cross between Northern Lights, AK-47, and Skunk #1. With a THC content of around 20% and a CBD content of about 3%, it’s a well-rounded strain that offers many therapeutic benefits. Here, we’ll dive a little deeper into the Chronic strain. 

Chronic Strain: Appearance

The Chronic strain grows medium-sized flowers. The buds are dense and have tightly coiled, Indica-style, olive-colored leaves. They feature bright red pistils and a nice coating of yellowish trichomes.

Aroma and Flavors of Chronic

With your first sniff, your nose will instantly pick up a strong, skunky smell. While potent, it’s not unpleasant. On a second, closer inhale, you might pick up some sweetness and earthiness, with hints of pine. If you break the buds apart, you might also get a bit of spiciness. 

As far as flavor goes, Chronic offers fruity, peppery smoke that can linger in your mouth for a bit after you inhale. Your tastebuds will also get some of the same skunk and pine your nose got. For those with a more perceptive palate, you may also get a hint of honey. 

One thing to keep in mind, Chronic is not a discreet strain. The smoke can be quite pungent, so you might want to make sure that you’re at home or in an otherwise safe location away from others who might be bothered by the scent before you light up.  

Chronic Strain Effects

As a fairly evenly split hybrid, Chronic offers a mental and physical high. It starts with the head, providing fast-acting effects. The strain boosts free-thinking and brainstorming. It’s also great for encouraging analytical thinking and problem-solving.

While the early stages of the effects are more upbeat, you might want to save the Chronic strain for evening or pre-bedtime use. The mental high eventually shifts to a more physical one as you begin to feel comfortable and relaxed. In higher doses, you might not feel like going anywhere. Your mind, however, will still likely remain clear. 

Reasons to Use the Chronic Strain

You can use the Chronic strain for many different reasons. Some enjoy it right before bedtime as a way to combat insomnia. Others use it because it helps them to focus better. You might also use it to ease aches and pains or increase the appetite

Growing Chronic

For those who enjoy growing their favorite cannabis strains at home, Chronic thrives best in a semi-humid environment. If you keep your plants outside, you’ll want to ensure the temperature remains in the mid-70° to 80°F range. Remember, even though growing your own plants is legal in California, you still need to keep them out of sight from the public. 

Indoors, things are a little easier, as you’ll have better control over the temperature and humidity levels. Just keep in mind that the buds can be pungent. Indoors or out, you’ll likely see flowers in eight to nine weeks.

The Final Verdict 

Chronic is a balanced Indica/Sativa hybrid that offers a mental and physical high. It’s beneficial for aches, pains, poor appetite, and insomnia. It’s great for evening or nighttime use, helping you to relax and unwind while still offering some clear-headed thinking. The only real downside to this particular strain is that it is pungent, so be careful where you light up. 

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