‌The legalization of recreational cannabis has led to a world of new products and lingo to learn! Gone are the days of just getting a sack of weed and being surprised by what kind of high you get. Now you can customize your high and here to help add a kick to your cannabis are dabs.

What are Dabs?

‌Dabs are a concentrated form of cannabis-derived from the “crystal-like” formations on the bud called trichomes. These trichomes or “trichs” are the part of the plant that contain THC and get you high. This is why you smoke the bud of a cannabis plant and not the leaves because the bud is what contains the trichomes. Dabs are created by harvesting the trichomes and making them into wax, oil, rosin, crumble, shatter, or hash. 

‌Different Dabs

There are many ways to extract trichs from a cannabis plant and how they are extracted will help determine the type of dab it is. These are 5 popular dabs and their extraction method:

  1. Hashish (kief or hash): hashish has a long history and can be easy to find in stores. If you have a three-compartment grinder, you probably noticed a powdery substance at the bottom of the third compartment. This power is hash and it takes a long time to build up enough to smoke. Hash can be smoked by itself but many people choose to sprinkle it on top of their other bud to give an extra kick.
  2. Water Hash: water hash is very popular because the method of extraction uses water and ice. There’s a variety of water hashes available but the most popular is the “ Full Melt.” A full melt water hash comes with a high concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes and is free of contaminants making it very clean. It can be very pricey and difficult to find.
  3. Wax: this dab resembles honey and is easy to find. It can be extracted with butane or propane and has a very high content of THC. You will need tools to handle wax dabs because can be runny and messy to handle. You’ll want to invest in a dab rig or vaporizer for this dab.
  4. Budder: this one looks like butter but it’s not butter. Budder is very popular because of its 90% THC potently and 99% purity. It is very clean, rare, and extremely expensive. 
  5. Rosin: this dab is newer to the scene and popular because the extraction process uses heat and no solvents. The potency varies depending on what type of bud is used to make it. If you want to DIY it, all you need is some bud, a hair straightener, parchment paper, and hand strength. The consistency is rather oozy and can be messy. 

Wrap Up

Dabbing can be a fun way to add to your cannabis experience. Some things to keep in mind when purchasing dabs are budget, potency and tolerance, texture, and flavor. Finally, think about what tools you may need because not all dabs are smokable. Enjoy!