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Types of Cannabis Vape Carts

For quite some time, vaporizing has provided a risk-free substitute for smoking. With so many different vaporizers, cannabis oils, cartridges, and pens to pick from, the options and combinations are virtually limitless.

The market for cannabis oil cartridges is expanding, and we are witnessing the production of high-quality goods that provide a variety of flavor profiles and effects without the use of artificial flavors. 

Let’s check the different types of cannabis vape carts!

What is a Vape Cartridge?

The vape cartridge is a glass cartridge or capsule containing cannabis oil or other concentrates. The cartridge itself is the most crucial component of the pen when it comes to vape, second only to the battery.

In order to turn the concentrate into a vapor, vape cartridges have a heating element inside of them. The temperature of the heating element is increased by a heat source, which is often a detachable battery for most units or a built-in battery for disposable vaping devices. 

Components of a Vape Cartridge

Each and every vaporizer cartridge consists of these three basic parts. The mouthpiece from which you inhale the vapor, the chamber containing the extract, and a heating element known as an “atomizer” that is powered by an electric battery. You basically inhale vapor through the mouthpiece linked to the vape cartridge once it has heated up, which in many vape pen models happens instantly.

Types of Vape Cartridges

  • 510 Thread: Often referred to as a “vape pen”, the 510 thread count cartridge is the most popular kind of cannabis vape cartridge. This kind of cartridge is often longer, has a semi-transparent oil tank, and is attached using a 510 thread count screw. Although most are disposable, they also have the advantage of being refilled and rechargeable, which makes them a top option for everyday smokers.
  • Disposable Pens: These single-use pens are made up of a mouthpiece, a battery, and a cannabis concentrate. Disposable carts are great for smoking new strains and enjoying the advantages of a vape with no upkeep and maintenance because they don’t require charging or refilling. Disposable vape pens can be recycled after being used up.
  • Device-specific cartridges: There are some cartridges that are created expressly to work with a single-only device and batteries, and these cartridges may only be bought at specified authorized locations. For instance, 710 Labs’ Pods can only be used with their battery.

Types of Concentrates in Vape Cartridges

The kind of concentrates offered in the cartridges is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing your vape cart. Keep in mind that concentrates vary in terms of texture, stability, and viscosity. Cannabis oils must have a specific viscosity in order for the atomizer to turn them into vapor and then be inhaled by a vape cart.

So, let’s have a look at the most popular concentrates!

  • Distillate: Distillates are refined cannabis oils created from virtually any product, meaning that you can smoke any strain or flavor with your vape cart. However, as a result of the complex extraction procedure and high quantities of THC and CBD terpenes and other pleasant components are stripped away, greatly affecting the flavor. 
  • Full-Spectrum Oil Concentrates: Full-spectrum concentrates are able to capture the whole diversity of the flower. Meaning that the terpenes, THC, CBD, CBN, and other substances that contribute to the entourage effect in cannabis are far more abundant in them.
  • CO2 Concentrates: CO2 oil is a full-spectrum cannabis oil extracted by a liquid CO2 extraction method. They provide a satisfying smoking experience because they maintain their terpenes, which means they retain a large portion of their natural plant-based flavor.
  • Live resin: Live resin is a concentrate renowned for its delectable flavors and high terpene concentration. For usage in vape carts, live resin can be liquefied even though it is typically solid.

Vape cartridges are one of the simplest ways to try cannabis. You can now use your favorite type of vape cart and select from a wide variety of cultivars, THC-to-CBD ratios, and terpene profiles, many of which are derived from some of your favorite flowers.

Both for newbies and old smokers, always keep in mind what’s inside your vape cart (components and contents), as well as the concentrated cannabis oils you’re going to smoke. 

Have a safe and enjoyable high!


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