Along with brownies and infused cooking oil, cannabis butter has to be the most popular DIY weed edible. There are few reasons not to love the potency, simplicity, and versatility of a batch of decadent cannabutter. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that creamy cannabutter tastes excellent on pretty much any food you add it to. 


Whether you’re cooking a savory meal or toasting a few pieces of bread, cannabis butter is an “uplifting” accompaniment. Even though there are more exotic options in the weed edibles space, it’s unlikely cannabis butter will go away soon. 


What’s The Benefit Of Using Cannabis Butter Rather Than Straight Cannabis? 


Although cannabutter has the same cannabinoids and terpenes you’d find in a cannabis strain, using this product offers a unique experience. Most notably, people who use cannabis butter don’t have to inhale smoke or vapor. While dedicated tokers enjoy “burning buds,” not everyone is a fan of rolling joints or sipping a vape pen. 


In some cases, MMJ patients may not be able to smoke or vape weed due to a pre-existing lung condition. Many people also want the same effects as smoking a joint but without the coughing side effects. Cannabutter provides a more comfortable way to experience cannabis for those who can’t stand smoke.


Cannabutter also takes longer to pass the blood-brain barrier versus smokable or vapeable products. Some people appreciate the delayed onset and more sustained effects cannabis edibles provide. However, cannabutter may not be the best bet if users want to feel weed’s effects immediately. 


OK, but why should people consider cannabis butter over other edibles? Wouldn’t gummies provide all the same benefits as cannabutter? 


Yes, all cannabis edibles share many of cannabutter’s features, but many users claim weed butter has greater potency. Why? It all has to do with butter’s fat content. 


Please remember that cannabinoids like THC and CBD are fat soluble. When you infuse your decarboxylated weed with butter and water, all of the cannabinoids will naturally cling to the butter’s fat cells. There are plenty of reports that show fatty foods like butter enhance the absorption of cannabinoids. 


Another pro for cannabutter over other edibles is its versatility. So many recipes call for butter, so adding this product into your daily life is very easy. Whether you want to make brownies or “extra baked” potatoes, there are plenty of ways to incorporate rich cannabutter into your diet.


How Should People Use Cannabis Butter?


As mentioned above, people love making cannabutter because it’s an incredibly versatile edible. You could use cannabutter any way you’d usually use butter in baking or cooking. Many cannabis fans use cannabutter to make a batch of brownies, but you could also top many meals and sides with this delicious food item. 


However, if it’s your first time eating cannabis butter, it’s always better to start small. Some people mix half regular butter and half cannabutter into any recipe they are testing. Also, please remember that cannabutter’s effects usually take a few hours to set in. Please don’t eat a ton of cannabutter early on; if you do, you will increase the odds of a bad experience later in the day.