Cannabis restrictions are relaxing in many states, but discretion remains a concern amongst cannasseurs. No matter how “green” your state is, there are many situations where smoking a joint could look suspicious. If cannabis fans want to avoid attracting attention, they should research a few sly alternatives to smokable cannabis. 

Arguably, cannabinoid oils are the most discreet cannabis delivery method. Plus, you could enjoy remarkably high absorption rates if you know how to use CBD or THC tinctures. Anyone interested in precise cannabis dosing can’t do better than cannabinoid oils. 

Confidential Cannabinoids — What Are The Benefits Of Using Cannabinoid Oils? 

Along with edibles, cannabinoid oils are the sneakiest cannabis products on today’s market. Compared with joints, pipes, or dab rigs, it’s way easier to conceal a vial of cannabinoid oil or eat a few cannabis-infused gummies. 

However, cannabis edibles tend to have a weaker impact than cannabinoid oils. Unlike tinctures, gummies need to go through a person’s liver and digestive system before entering the bloodstream. When an edible’s CBD or THC passes the blood-brain barrier, it won’t be at max intensity. 

Cannabinoid oils offer a comparable intensity to cannabis joints, but they won’t draw attention while in public. Plus, there’s no need to fear a coughing fit when taking cannabinoid oils. Indeed, many people with pre-existing lung conditions rely on CBD or THC oils for their cannabis needs. 

Cannabinoid oils are also the most accurate products to dose. As long as customers know their tincture’s suggested serving size, it’s simple to measure an exact milligram count in a standard oil dropper. 

Also, since cannabinoid oils have a high absorption rate, users should feel confident the stated milligram count will end up in their bloodstream. Understandably, many MMJ patients and microdosers love cannabinoid oils for this feature. 


How Should Customers Use Cannabinoid Oil? 

If you want to enjoy max absorption, there’s only one way to take cannabinoid oils: sublingually. In other words, place your cannabinoid oil under your tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing.

The tongue’s sublingual glands have an uncanny ability to absorb chemicals like CBD or THC into the bloodstream. So, by holding cannabinoid oil under your tongue, you will enjoy the most immediate and potent effects. 

However, that doesn’t mean it’s “wrong” to use cannabinoid oils in other ways. Many people report great success mixing cannabinoid oils in beverages like fruit juice, tea, or coffee. Some customers enjoy mixing cannabis oils into homemade edibles, cooking oils, or topicals. 

Although sublingual ingestion has many perks, it may not suit everyone’s situation. For instance, it may be more discreet for employees to mix cannabis extract in a drink than to squirt a dropperful of oil sublingually at a lunch table. Also, some customers prefer the subtler, longer-lasting effects of THC or CBD edibles. 

Customers should experiment with different delivery methods and track how they affect them. Often, customers discover that each cannabis product works best in different situations.