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Despite hash’s historic status, it has lost a bit of popularity in today’s concentrate market. However, when you consider hash didn’t have any competition for centuries, it makes sense that it would lose some of its market share. Even if cannabis users enjoy hashish, there are too many other concentrates now calling out to consumers. True, black hash may be the “old-fashioned” choice amongst cannasseurs, but that’s not a bad thing. In fact, there are a few pros to using OG hashish blocks versus newer concentrates. Tokers may be impressed at just how advanced this low-tech concentrate holds up in modern times. 

Why Should Consumers Consider Smoking Black Hash? 

Bad news first: hash usually isn’t as intense as most modern cannabis concentrates. Hash can’t be as potent as other concentrates because it doesn’t use solvents like butane. Standard BHO extraction can get far more cannabinoids out of a hemp plant versus “low-tech” methods like dry ice and sifting through mesh screens. 

However, this leads us to the first positive associated with black hash: there’s no risk of solvent exposure. Although legit extractors purify solvents, there’s always a chance these chemicals could stick around in the final concentrate. There’s no need to fear any solvent residue in hashish. 

This solventless extraction method may also have an impact on hash’s flavor. People who use hash for the first time often report more “earthy” aromatics, akin to standard dried cannabis flowers. 

Arguably, the only concentrate that’s more flavorful than hashish is live resin, which uses flash-frozen cannabis buds to preserve terpenes. However, live resin extracts are the priciest on the market. By contrast, hash tends to be one of the most affordable concentrates. 

Another reason people still prefer using hashish is because it’s a full-spectrum product. Since all of the trichomes pressed into a hash bar come from the cannabis plant, they contain natural flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids in each strain. 


Customers who believe in the “entourage effect” claim cannabis works best when all of its original compounds are left intact. Allegedly, these chemicals work together to produce more significant effects versus isolated cannabinoids. 

So, while hash may not have the highest percentage of THC, it still has remarkably potent effects compared with cannabis flowers. Also, if the “entourage effect” is true, it may have additional synergistic benefits. 

How Do People Use Black Hash Slabs?  

If you’re sold on the benefits of black hash, then you may be wondering how to use this product in your smoking routine. While you could use black hash in a few ways, the best method is to mix a tiny amount of hash with pre-ground flowers and smoke it in a pipe, bong, or joint. 

Another “old school” method to enjoy hash is to heat two metal knives, smash a piece of hash between the heated tips, and inhale. Unsurprisingly, this method is known as “hot knifing,” and it’s one of the most traditional ways to consume hashish. However, just as you would when heating a dab rig’s nail, please have a fire extinguisher nearby in case of emergencies.

No matter which method you choose, hash will add serious potency to your hits. Be sure to use hash sparingly if it’s your first time, and prepare yourself for a harsher flavor experience. Anyone prone to coughing should keep extra water nearby for a smoother smoke session.

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