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House of Puff

Welcome to a New High Culture


House of Puff designs approachable, luxe products & content to help the next generation of consumers. Our sophisticated puffware

is made up of curated objects you can be proud of. Think of each piece as your own little work of art. Relax with them

after a long day’s work, display them as part of your newest tablescape, or throw them in your bag when you’re on the go.




House of Puff replaces stigma with empowerment. We leverage our deep understanding of the role art plays in

advancing cultural and social movements. House of Puff was built to be a vehicle for the future of the plant—to evolve and

elevate the conversation about everything from consumption rituals to criminal justice reform. 



Organizations we support

Floret Coalition

Solitary Watch

Women's Prison Association

National Bail Out




BTFA collective

Asian Pacific Environmental Network

The Lower Eastside Girls Club

Asian Americans Advancing Justice


We believe that careful attention to detail can make a big difference in your experience. From a round edge to a high-gloss finish,

design thinking drives every decision we make.



The most enjoyable experiences are the ones that engage and activate your senses. Each sense individually has the unique

power to transform a mood or space. At House of Puff, we ensure our offerings engage not just one sense, but all five. 



We’re building a modern brand for today’s high-functioning individual. One that curates, listens and inspires. From collaborations with artists

to thought-provoking perspectives, our mission is to live life distinctively, with style and grace—and help you do the same. 

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