Learn about the award-winning Jack Herer

Named after cannabis activist, author, and “Emperor of Hemp” Jack Herer, this award-winning strain was first produced in the Netherlands by a Dutch seed company in 1994. Jack Herer is characterized by its earthy, pungent aroma, with notes of pine, citrus, and fruit, plus a touch of spiciness. A hybrid strain that is sativa-dominant, Jack Herer is ideal for those seeking an energetic high. Translation: You won’t find yourself stuck in a couch-lock position with this particular strain.

Jack Herer is a great pick for social events, making it a party-friendly strain—but it’s also a solid pick for those who need a creative jumpstart. This is a low-CBD strain, so if you want a more chill effect, opt for a more indica-dominant flower. However, Jack Herer users can still expect some pain relief with this strain, even with the absence of high-level cannabidiol. If you’re in need of a good night’s sleep, though, save Jack Herer for another time. But those who prefer a blissful, lively high for daytime use should consider adding Jack Herer to their regular rotation.

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