Are you wondering how cannabis tincture benefits might fit into your healthy lifestyle?

Laws and attitudes are changing rapidly, while mounting scientific research shows that medical marijuana may be helpful in treating a wide range of conditions.

Cannabis Tincture Benefits

These days, the question for many people isn’t, “Should I try cannabis?” but, “Which types of products are best?”

For many people, the answer is cannabis tinctures.

No Smoking or Vaping

Although smoking or vaping cannabis offers faster symptom relief, taking tinctures or consuming edibles are healthier options. You won’t have to worry about potentially harmful carcinogens from smoking or sketchy ingredients in vape oils.

Easy to Dose

Cannabis tinctures are easier to dose than smoking or vaping. Tinctures usually come in pocket-sized bottles with clearly marked cannabinoid content and droppers measured in milliliters. Determining your minimum effective dosage can also help you save money and avoid the risk of building a tolerance. You can find out your minimum by titrating the tincture drop by drop.

Long-Lasting Relief

Like edibles, cannabis tinctures produce effects that last for several hours. When formulated for sublingual use, cannabis tinctures can also kick in faster than edibles as the cannabinoids enter directly into the bloodstream through capillaries under the tongue. Additionally, you can use cannabis tinctures for skin conditions by applying them topically.

Convenient and Discreet

Cannabis tinctures are highly portable and save time during your busy workday. You won’t need to worry about grinding buds for rolling a joint or packing a bowl.

You also won’t be emitting any tell-tale odors. Even if you work in a conservative environment, you can slip into the bathroom to take your tincture or add it to a beverage during your coffee break.

Long Shelf Life

Since tinctures don’t contain any plant matter, they offer a longer shelf life than cannabis flower. Cannabis tinctures can retain full potency for up to two years when stored correctly.

Cool, dark areas are ideal places for storing cannabis, and you can keep your tinctures in the refrigerator or freezer. In contrast, cannabis buds or hash are susceptible to mold if stored in the fridge. Freezing nugs or solventless extracts can cause the trichomes to become brittle and fall off, lowering the potency and affecting the flavor.


Cannabis Tincture Benefits: Choosing the Right One

Perhaps you’ve decided that cannabis tinctures are for you, but now you feel overwhelmed by the variety of tinctures available.

It’s crucial to select a cannabis tincture that comes with a Certificate of Analysis from a third-party lab. This official document ensures that your tincture is both potent and pure. Other aspects to consider include:

  • Cannabinoids: Tinctures may feature various cannabinoids, such as THC, CBD, CBG, and CBN.
  • Strain: Tinctures offer slightly different effects depending upon their terpene profiles and indica vs. sativa dominance.
  • Flavor: High-quality tinctures can feature natural terpenes or come in chocolate, fruit, or mint flavors.

Your MMJ physician can recommend cannabis tinctures that will best suit your needs. You can also get plenty of helpful information from your local or online budtender.