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As more states begin to legalize cannabis for medical and recreational use, cannabis smoking has gone from the fringes to the mainstream. In fact, the Massachusetts recreational marijuana industry recorded nearly $400 million in its first full year of sales.

For those that love cannabis and all the benefits, it has to offer, there’s no shortage of smoking accessories to enhance the experience. Below, you can find a list of six cannabis smoking tools to incorporate into your routine.

1. Grinder

A grinder is an essential cannabis smoking tool. A grinder is a small canister with sharp ridges or blades. When you twist the device, it evenly grinds up the flower to make it easier to smoke.

Grinding cannabis helps increase the surface area, which means it takes longer to burn through. This will increase the longevity of your flower and result in a stronger high.

grinder cannabis

2. Rolling Machine

While you can find pre-rolls at most cannabis shops, you can also make your own joints. Rolling machines can help you create perfectly uniform joints every time. Whether you’re a beginner still learning how to roll with your fingers or an expert looking to make the process more efficient, a rolling machine can make quick, perfectly rolled joints with little effort.

3. Multi-Tool

Like a swiss army knife, a multi-tool combines several different cannabis tools into one. Some tools can include a knife and tamper for rolling joints, roach clips, dab spoons, and scrapers. Whether you’re rolling a joint or packing a bowl, this device can simplify every part of the smoking experience.

4. Odor-Proof Bag

There’s no denying that cannabis has a strong odor. This pungent smell can make carrying cannabis in public a difficult task.

Instead of trying to hide or cover up the smell, an odor-proof bag can completely hide the smell of your cannabis. From practical backpacks to stylish handbags, these specially designed bags can help you carry your cannabis without drawing attention.

5. Glass Cleaning Solution

If you use a pipe or bong, a pipe cleaning solution can help with regular maintenance. These solutions help break up resin build-ups in your pipe and gently clean the glass surface.

You can buy a non-toxic glass cleaning solution or make your own with a combination of rubbing alcohol and salt. Alcohol helps dissolve any dirt or resin, while the salt acts as an exfoliant to clean the glass.

6. Slide Dugout

Even if you don’t need a bag for your cannabis, a slide dugout can still help you smoke on the go. Much like a cigarette box, a dugout is a hand-held wooden container with a slidable lid. Inside, there are two cylindrical pockets where you can fit a joint and a lighter.

This method of storage is discrete and allows you to keep a joint in your pocket when you’re on the move.

Fundamental Smoking Tools for the Cannabis Enthusiast

Building up a toolbox of cannabis smoking tools can help you elevate and simplify your smoking routine. From high end to affordable, these smoking accessories cover all the fundamentals you might need.


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